ARTISTS Business Areas
Artist Agency Humap Contents collaborates with domestic entertainment labels based on the American agency system.
Entertainment Labels focus on management such as nurturing artists and managing their day-to-day
schedules while Humap Contents is dedicated to pitching, managing and expanding artists’ business activities.
  • Agency
    • Discover various projects via
      international market analysis
    • Safe international business
      contract sign deals
    • Aggressive global project sales/
  • Artist Management Companies / Individual Labels
    • Recruit & Provide Training for Rookies with potential
    • Content Production/Investment
    • Schedule Management

Business Areas Humap Contents’ agency division offers a wide array of services including
legal, press, concierge services to expand artists’ entertainment activities.
Musician Actor & Actress Model
Producer & Composer Athlete
  • Concert / Fan Meet
  • Brand Endorsements
  • Film / Drama Casting
  • Song Sales
  • Legal Advice
  • Press / Publicity Management
  • Concierge Services
  • Global Business