CAREERS Inside Humap
Who We Want
One who is not bound by the existing frames and have a fresh way of thinking/perspective
One who can cope with, lead and thrive in a constantly changing industry based on critical and creative thinking
One who is determined and proactive to make the impossible possible without hesitation and/or fear of failure
One who accepts and enjoys challenges with a positive attitude
One who communicates with others with an open mindset
One who collaborates with others based on trust and respect for colleagues, partners and clients
Application Process
All applications/resumes are accepted via Saramin (
  • Stage 1:
    Online Application
  • Stage 2:
    1st Interview
  • Stage 3:
    2nd Interview
  • Stage 4:
    Job Offer
    & HR Interview before
※ All applicants are notified upon acceptance per stage
※ Inquiries can be addressed to :
  • 15 Annual Vacation Days
    4 Basic Insurances
    Annual Health Checkups
    Meals & Transportation provided during overtime
    Company car & Fuel expenses
  • Flexible Working Schedule
    Flexible Vacation Requests
    Support to promote cultural lifestyle
    Family Day (Every last Friday of the month)
    Half-day on birthday and parents’ birthdays
  • Humap Award (3C)
    Holiday Gifts & Monetary Gifts
    (Congratulatory and Condolences)
  • Educational Support for Personal/Career Development
    Book Money